Efficient workforce management (WFM) is important to running a successful company. If you’re a business owner ready to take on new hires, you should be ready to manage them. Here are five tips for effective workforce management.

1. Have a good atmosphere.
Keeping employees happy is a fundamental aspect of WFM that employers often overlook. If your employees are dissatisfied, they won’t perform as well and are more likely to seek employment elsewhere. Make sure your workplace includes flex time or paid time off and consider what other benefits to offer.

2. Keep lines of communication open.
Provide proper training for new hires. Make sure current employees have the ongoing training they need to learn new skills and adapt to added responsibilities. Also, ensure employees have everything they need, from training to supplies, to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

3. Use up-to-date technology and the best software.
There are plenty of software programs available for WFM. Research your options to find the programs best suited for your company. Whether this includes basic Microsoft Office products or a tool that integrates payroll and benefits, timekeeping systems, absence management, performance management, HR administration, scheduling, self-services for employees, and applicant tracking, make sure you invest in everything the different departments in your company need. Most software can help you make predictions and plan for your company’s future.

4. Set attainable goals for your employees and be prepared to evolve with the business market.
When it comes to your employees, you should work together to set goals that encourage both personal and professional growth. As for the company, make sure you stay relevant. For example, in today’s technological times, it is important to have a website that is reactionary to the type of screen it’s viewed on (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Try to embrace these changes and make them work for you.

5. Do the necessary research.
Make sure you gather plenty of data to build a strong business plan. Knowing how your company runs is essential to proper workforce management. Evaluate your company’s weaknesses and how you can transform them into strengths. Pay attention to which employees excel in certain areas and help them foster their growth. Look at the departments of your business separately to figure out the specificities and work out the kinks of each one.

Effective workforce management is easily attainable with the proper research, high-quality software, and the right mindset. Don’t be afraid to seek feedback from your employees on how you can improve because they may have insights you never thought of.