Leadership and its impact on organisational culture, employee and customer engagement is of primary importance for most global organisations.

In today’s world the most effective way for companies to be outstanding is through exceptional leadership. But what type of leadership is needed? Captivate International’s research shows time and time again that inspirational leadership is the skill most required by leaders to drive effective employee engagement and customer centricity.

As brand engagement specialists we are retained by leading organisations to assist them to grow leaders who drive inspired cultures, which in turn creates world-class customer experience.

Every leader, at some stage, needs to be inspired and if necessary, challenged whether they are driving a change initiative, developing a new team or striving for personal or professional breakthrough. This is where Captivate International is able to be of immense value to leaders, helping them to use their personal strengths, experience and knowledge to enhance personal and organisational performance.

Our inspirational leadership coaching programmes, workshops and advisory services empower our clients to drive their vision and become the brand of choice for employees and customers. The outcomes of which include inspired employee engagement, team cohesion and self-leadership.

These programmes include one-on-one executive coaching and team coaching around the core requirements of leadership including:

Captivate International’s coaches provide objective feedback and fully committed support that increases the leader’s self-awareness and personal capacity to act in ways that help them achieve their leadership outcomes.

  • Developing and driving a team vision, values and habits
  • Building an effective and inspired culture
  • Developing and leveraging team intelligence
  • Managing and leading change
  • Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Developing and managing an authentic and relevant personal brand
  • Connecting with key influencers through professional networking and relationship management
  • Personal strengths identification and activation
  • Career profiling and career management


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