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Fused and focused

The art of leading a post-merger corporate culture

corporate-culture-post-mergerMany international organisations are facing the challenge of creating an integrated corporate culture post-merger. It’s a highly sensitive process that requires outstanding leadership, communication and team intelligence.

The truth is you cannot merge two companies without it having

21st Century Leadership

The art of leading a customer centric culture

the-art-of-leading-a-customer-centric-culture-grant-driverIn the 21st century designing and creating outstanding customer experiences is imperative if you want to distinguish yourself in the customers mind. The focus has shifted from product and price to truly placing the customer at the


leadership captivate international

We at Captivate International believe that employee engagement and leadership go hand-in-hand. An inspiring leader is a leader who will lead their workforce to becoming something greater. An engaged workforce is a retained workforce, which leads to greater productivity and ultimately profitability.

Enter Culture.

Jake Herway from

Why Inspirational leadership?

How can inspirational leadership not be important?

Leadership is all about engaging the hearts and minds of people and we need to remind ourselves that we do not have the right to lead others if we are not passionate about what we do.

# Passion + Purpose = Profits

One of the many responsibilities of an inspirational leader

How to inspire your team

Try these 9 powerful ways to keep the members of your team motivated and giving their very best on the job.

1. Pay your people what they are worth

When you set your employees’ salaries, be sure that their pay is consistent with what other companies in your industry and geographic area are paying. Remember: 26 percent

Manage your workforce

Efficient workforce management (WFM) is important to running a successful company. If you’re a business owner ready to take on new hires, you should be ready to manage them. Here are five tips for effective workforce management.

1. Have a good atmosphere.
Keeping employees happy is a fundamental aspect of WFM that employers often overlook. If your

Qualities of a good leader

1. Focus
“It’s been said that leadership is making important but unpopular decisions. That’s certainly a partial truth, but I think it underscores the importance of focus. To be a good leader, you cannot major in minor things, and you must be less distracted than your competition. To get the few critical things done, you must

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