At Captivate International we believe that insights into what your employees and customers are feeling is essential in order to change, build and drive culture.

A brand is an emotion and perception that is created through experience and emotions influence decisions.  For this reason it is important that leaders identify what we have termed the EI (Emotional Indicators) of employees and customers towards the brand, its leadership, culture, experience offering and products.

By identifying the EI and perceptions of stakeholders, leaders can make decisions and take actions that create an engaged culture which makes the organisation’s vision truly come alive for employees and customers.

We conduct our EI research through personal interviews and conversations with employees, focus groups and through telephonic interviews with customers and even suppliers if necessary.

With these insights we then compile a detailed report, which we present to our client with recommended actions and strategy suggestions to close the gaps in perceptions and to create the desired emotional states of employees and customers towards the brand, its products and or services.



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