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Sourcing, recruitment and development of personnel for global clients in automotive, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical and financial industries.

Coaches’ Corner

This is a question we are regularly asked. If an employee of yours is messing up or just been difficult we suggest that you talk about their exceptions – when they did the job well or handled a difficult customer in a professional manner. We recommend that you praise the exceptions and ask them to



As a professional coaching organisation, Captivate International, works with clients to improve their leadership effectiveness, team and sales performance and helps them achieve their full potential.

Our highly trained and experienced team provides the very best in coaching both on an individual and team level.  We have over 20 years of experience in the business coaching

6 Coaching tips

Use these six steps to provide effective  supportive coaching to your reporting employees.

  • Show confidence in the employee’s ability and willingness to solve the problem. Ask him or her for help in solving the problem or improving performance. Ask the employee to join with you with the goal of increasing the employees’ effectiveness as a
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