Considered to be the most important strategic focus for global companies, employee engagement is top of the agenda for organisations that are serious about their longevity and profitability.

Captivate International is a thought-leader in the field of employee engagement. As THE experts in employee engagement we have developed the most robust and relevant model based on 20 years of experience and research. Our model of leadership and employee engagement has become central to the strategy of our clients to drive an engaged strengths based organisational culture.

We work with organisations across industries including financial, medical, insurance, manufacturing, automobile, FMCG and retail to create engaging and high-performance cultures.

Our ability to be of value in driving an engaged organisational culture directly impacts on our clients’ retention and loyalty of high calibre employees. The flow from that is customer engagement and profitability.

In our experience, employee engagement only comes alive through inspirational leadership and a true commitment to drive an engaged culture. There is no quick-fix when it comes to culture and as Jeff Bezos, Founder of correctly said, “Once company culture is established, it takes nuclear weaponry to change it.”

As such we assist our clients to develop a long-term strategy to engage both their employees and customers. We conduct research to identify the perceptions of employees and customers and then facilitate a strategy aligned with our proven model of engagement to close the perceptual gaps. This approach to employer branding and customer engagement is dynamic  and tangible and the end result is establishing a culture of trust. Trust, been the ultimate goal of employee and customer engagement.

At Captivate International, we are passionate about human potential and the connection between leveraging that potential in your employees and inspiring them to become your organisation’s brand ambassadors who deliver on your brand promise. To this end, we assist our clients to reach their strategic objectives by customizing talent development programmes. Our corporate clients are amongst the most world’s most successful brands and include Coca Cola, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, CNBC and McDonalds.



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