Just some feedback on the totally brilliant life skills and sales course we as a Company attended a few weeks ago. Already it had such a powerful impact on both my work and
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Morné Griesel - Online programme and coaching
Short note to say thank you for an incredible program you ran with our GEM LT at the end of Oct. It was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences we have had in a long time.

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Andrew Sartor
Let me start off by saying that by the time I met Grant and the Captivate International team I had applied numerous times for higher positions in the organisation, without success
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Alice Muller
Grant and the Captivate International team have been instrumental in the growth and development of SilverCrest Insurance Brokers for a number of years. The team at Captivate International
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Grant Nairn-Mason
Grant did an amazing workshop on leadership and advocacy for our international delegates  in Malta 2020.  The way that he engages and interacts with the delegates are  above the norm.
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Chairman (IPPTA)
I met Grant and the Captivate International team about eight years ago in 2009. During my first interaction with Grant, I could see that his coaching and assistance could help me
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Robbie Nel
I was first introduced to Grant Driver by one of his business associates – Davin Webster following a market and employee survey we had conducted
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Nicole Fynn
Grant and the Captivate International team is an exceptional presenter, speaker and motivator. After working closely with CNBC Africa in
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Quinton Scholes
Grant and the Captivate International team has talent unlike any other professional I have worked with. Innovative training material, that is client
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Anthia Laros
In my career I have been very fortunate to come into contact with and learn from many motivational speakers and life coaches. The common theme
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Duane du Toit
Grant and the Captivate International team is one of South Africa’s busiest speakers and trainers – and also one of the best. He has  -Read More-

Graeme Codrington
Grant and the Captivate International team helped us improve the effectiveness of our sales team around the country by  -Read More-

Mike Fanucchi
Having grown up in a conservative Afrikaans environment, thinking of my life and career as a brand, and therefor refocusing what I do to match -Read More- 

Jan van Schalkwyk
I just wanted to share some news with you. I am currently appointed as the acting branch manager at our Middelburg branch and will
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