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INTERBRAND REALEASES TOP 10 BRANDS MOST VALUABLE BRANDS IN THE WORLD. More than one in three employees (35%) have changed jobs within the past three years,

Reasons for Poor Management

Lack of knowledge – poor management (“I don’t know how.”): Most interventions focus on the manager’s accountability, but accountability without empowerment isn’t practical. Managers need development — training, learning opportunities and ongoing coaching — that focuses on basic management skills and interpreting employee feedback. They may not know how to start a dialogue or how

Manage your workforce

Efficient workforce management (WFM) is important to running a successful company. If you’re a business owner ready to take on new hires, you should be ready to manage them. Here are five tips for effective workforce management.

1. Have a good atmosphere.
Keeping employees happy is a fundamental aspect of WFM that employers often overlook. If your

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