Captivate International does not only partner with organisations to help them to be outstanding, we also work with clients who wish to develop their personal brands to be distinctive and significantly successful in their careers.

Personal branding is a blueprint for success that you create and live in the way you manage your career or business. It’s your unique promise of value and emerges from identifying your strengths, values, experience and personality.

We coach a large number of middle to senior executives wishing to develop a personal brand and reputation that empowers them to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful career and to achieve their personal and professional goals while adding value to their team, organisation and network.

Captivate International has a sound reputation of been the go-to-people for any manager wishing to make the necessary changes in their career and seeking the advice and coaching to propel their success.

The Captivate International Personal Branding Roadmap has become the benchmark for career management. Our founder, Grant Driver is a specialist in personal branding and reputation management.  He speaks at more than 100 conferences a year on the subject.  Grant Driver developed our Personal Branding Roadmap over 15 years of working with top executives to develop and leverage their uniqueness to be outstanding in their careers.

Our team of reputation and personal branding experts will coach you through the Personal Branding Roadmap and assist you to create a personal branding blueprint that is authentic, realistic and which creates true value in the lives of all your stakeholders.



to help you to  develop and leverage your personal brand for an enriching and prosperous career

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