Grant and the Captivate International team have been instrumental in the growth and development of SilverCrest Insurance Brokers for a number of years.

The team at Captivate International and I started working together on a personal level a few years back, he worked as both my business and life coach and mentor. Grant would guide me through large financial decisions or just a simple ”which was a better printer to buy”. He also worked with me alongside my sales team, he remapped their way of thinking and delivering the service required and presentation necessary to get the sale and job done. It was evident in the increase in performance and figures by my staff that what was taught by Grant was working so we extended his contract and continued to reap the benefits.

The team at Captivate International is an asset to our company, we see them as part of the furniture and a necessary link in the day to day running of this company and owe much of our success to them.

SilverCrest is a niche Insurance Broker that diversified into a very high net worth market and the transition from a conventional Broker to a niche Broker was a smooth and simple process that Grant led us through and held our hands the entire way. Without his help we might have not pulled it off in such a short time and without such success. This man understands two things early. Business and people. Bring the two together and Captivate has the recipe for success.

Grant and the Captivate International team will take your business from strength to strength, whatever it may be a corner cafe or a multi-million dollar enterprise. – You will need to trust and embrace the expertise and advice he shares with you it, his systems work, your business will never be the same again.

To Grant, thank you Sir. You are a gentlemen and a man among men. It truly is a privilege to work with you and even more so to call you a friend.

Yours sincerely
Grant Nairn-Mason
Silvercrest Insurance Brokers