I was first introduced to Grant Driver by one of his business associates – Davin Webster following a market and employee survey we had conducted for the International Flavors & Fragrances Isando facility. Grant Driver was retained to support the management team to address the findings from the surveys.

In an attempt to address employee engagement, we worked with Grant and the Captivate International team to identify the key issues and items to address. The resultant intervention was the IFF Architects of Experience encompassing a communications strategy involving several aspects:

• Branding of IFF and creating a sense of belonging for employees
• One site goal that all employees could focus on from their functional perspective
• Newsletter driven by Managing Director
• IFF conversations which comprised of multifunctional, multi-level employee forums allowing employees a platform to raise their concerns and address there issues in a safe and protected environment
• Manager Feedback sessions
• Team building with various teams

The intervention was successful with many aspects still in use to date and we were able to achieve the one directed goal of improving our on-time performance to the global standard.

Secondly Grant and the Captivate International team worked with several of the Management Members on an individual coaching basis of which I was one. Grant and the Captivate International team helped to recognize the contribution and role I was playing in the local affiliate and helped me to position myself. This stood me in good stead when I was proactively approached to consider a regional position, which entailed an intra-continental move from Africa to Europe. The work I completed with Grant helped me focus on my ability and individual brand. Subsequent to this, I transitioned from a local role to a regional role, which I have been in successfully since 2013, and have being expanding my span of control in the subsequent years. I found Grant to be professional, personable and approachable and very easy to develop a rapport with thus enhancing the individual coaching experience and enabling the individual to understand their value proposition and thus drive their individual success.

Of the Management team members that Grant coached individually, 3 were offered regional roles with moves to Europe with two of the three still successful in their expanded roles 4 years later.

We have continued to maintain contact with Grant and the Captivate International team over the past years looking at opportunities to build on foundations laid several years ago. I would highly recommend utilizing the professional services of Grant and the Captivate International team both in the capacity to work with the whole organization, specific teams as well as individuals to enhance employee engagement and drive a solid communications strategy throughout the organization.

Nicole Fynn
Regional HRBP Flavors & Operations