In my career I have been very fortunate to come into contact with and learn from many motivational speakers and life coaches. The common theme however, is you leave on a high believing you can conquer the world and you either come crashing down very quickly, or you are very confused as you have no idea on how to implement that which you have learned or which has inspired you.

It is with all this in mind that I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Grant Driver and the Captivate International team.

Grant encompasses everything that you want in a professional such as this with one distinct difference, YOU.

You see Grants approach is to focus on the individual, understanding who they are what drives and motivates them and then he teaches you to be the best you not a carbon copy of someone you aspire to be.

His methods dive deep into exploring aspects such as your personal brand, how to identify others and then how these 2 entities come together. His approach is fun but with true purpose, and what is even better is he is not teaching you to be the best professional you but the best complete you.

I have learned this first hand, when I first met Grant I was a unhealthy overweight (122kg) sales rep with no direction in my life.

With Grant and the Captivate International team’s help I progressed quickly in my career and became a successful sales rep with added responsibility, to a product manager and then a sales manager in the biggest medical device company in the world. What is more I am healthier than I’ve ever been (73Kg) and my personal life with my family is the best it’s been in years. I continue to use his teachings and tools like a gratitude journal on a daily bases.

Any interaction with Grant and the Captivate International team will be one of the best moves of your life.

Duane Du Toit