Robbie Nel

I met Grant about eight years ago in 2009. During my first interaction with Grant, I could see that his coaching and assistance could help me achieve my career goals.

Grant had numerous sessions with me and they were all so structured that the end goal was to achieve my career goals and grow as a manager and leader.

His focus in the beginning was on self-awareness and “building your own personal brand”. As time went on and the coaching continued, Grant assisted and coached me when positions became available in the multinational organisation where I was employed. With the coaching and guidance of Grant and the Captivate International team by my side, I quickly moved from middle management to a senior manager in a short space of time. During this time, I frequently met with Grant to continue to support me in my self-development with specific focus on being an inspiring leader and visionary.

A few years ago, a position for General Manager became available at another big multinational company. Again “my Grant” was there to assist and coach me on how to approach the interview. With Grant’s coaching and guidance, I was successful in the application for General Manager.

As General Manager for Biotronik’s South African operations, I can attest to the positive results I had with Grant. More than being an asset to my career, he has become a valued friend.

I can recommend Grant and the team at Captivate International to any individual or organisation that needs to develop and grow leadership and skills. His surname is not “Driver” for nothing. Thank you, Grant!

Best Wishes,
Robbie Nel
General Manager
Biotronik SA (Pty) Ltd

South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa