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“I wanted to share some news with you. I am currently appointed as the acting branch manager at our Middelburg branch and will be furthering my studies with business management in order to eventually become the branch manager.

I am super proud of myself and just wanted to say thank you for the Captivate courses that you

Conceptualising Culture

Conceptualising Culture. We hear it, experience it and understand it to be something that affects us, but what is it exactly?

According to Live Science, “Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Okay. But what does that mean for culture in the workplace?



leadership captivate international

We at Captivate International believe that employee engagement and leadership go hand-in-hand. An inspiring leader is a leader who will lead their workforce to becoming something greater. An engaged workforce is a retained workforce, which leads to greater productivity and ultimately profitability.

Enter Culture.

Jake Herway from

Why Inspirational leadership?

How can inspirational leadership not be important?

Leadership is all about engaging the hearts and minds of people and we need to remind ourselves that we do not have the right to lead others if we are not passionate about what we do.

# Passion + Purpose = Profits

One of the many responsibilities of an inspirational leader


INTERBRAND REALEASES TOP 10 BRANDS MOST VALUABLE BRANDS IN THE WORLD. More than one in three employees (35%) have changed jobs within the past three years,

Grant Nairn-Mason – CEO

“Grant and the Captivate International team have been instrumental in the growth and development of SilverCrest Insurance Brokers for a number of years.

The team at Captivate International and I started working together on a personal level a few years back, he worked as both my business and life coach and mentor. Grant would guide me

Quinton Scholes

“Grant is an exceptional presenter, speaker and motivator. After working closely with CNBC Africa in its early days, I continued to work with Grant on a personal level for coaching and business leadership. I would highly recommend Grant and the Captivate International team to any company looking to get that little bit extra out of

Graeme Codrington

“Grant is one of South Africa’s busiest speakers and trainers – and also one of the best. He has an infectious laugh, a captivating style and brings energy and insight to all his sessions. If you need someone to inspire your team and raise their performance…. then look no further.

Graeme Codrington
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