Alice Muller

Let me start off by saying that by the time I met Grant I had applied numerous times for higher positions in the organisation, without success. I met Grant in 2007 as part of an initiative to prepare me for my interview for a position at the next level and to enhance the identification of my strengths and weaknesses and to actively address these.

His focus was heavily on self-awareness and he spent endless sessions with me to dig further and further into who Alice really was, what matters to her and what she has to offer her leaders, her peers and the rest of the organisation. These sessions also included the identification of personal values and to establish the value proposition for my own brand. Needless to say I was successful and was appointed as a Corporate Executive in March 2008, which I don’t believe would have been possible without Grant and the team at Captivate International’s help.

Over the next few years Grant continued to support me in continuous self-development with specific focus on being an inspiring leader, up-skill my negotiation abilities with great results and also to focus on improving and fostering good relationships inside and outside the organisation. Good relationships became critical in the work that we do to influence a better life for all South Africans!

Having Grant as my coach always felt like a “safety-net” when I get tangled up in the day to day activities associated with my role in the organisation and more than once Grant was called on to bring some “sanity” back in the chaos that faces me in this leadership position. The value Grant and the Captivate International team brings can never be translated into monetary value and one of Grant’s strengths is his ability to have endless patience and continue to “push” for higher performance.

I can recommend Grant and the team at Captivate International to any individual that needs to grow into a specific role or for a specific purpose or any organisation that wishes to enhance the skills of their leadership.

Alice Muller
Corporate Executive
Auditor General of South Africa